Axis: Sova

Axis: Sova - credit: Photo by Grant Engstrom

Photo by Grant Engstrom

Axis: Sova


2021 — the Axis tilts again. Feedback loops, patterns begetting patterns...fracturing, splintering, diverging, convalescing...these are fractals on which we build. With trademark molten guitar licks and some of the most…


Title Format Cat # Date
Fractal MP3/FLAC God#022 2021
"Strawberry Glaze" b/w "Fever Days" MP3/FLAC God#021 2020
Shampoo You LP/Cass/MP3/FLAC God#014 2018
Motor Earth LP/Cass/MP3/FLAC God#012 2016
Early Surf LP/MP3/FLAC GOD#010 2015
Worse Fools Cease to be a Shadow Cass LR6 2014
Past the Edge 7" Richie 2013
Weight of a Color LP Kill Shaman 2012
(I Feel Like) Laying Low 7" Licking River 2011